Research Projects

Our research focuses on: 1) archaeometry and conservation science; 2) forensics and criminalistics in art and archaeology, through the application of basic and fundamental scientific principles and advanced and innovative technologies; 3) development of novel materials based on archaeomimetism and archaeoinspiration. Some examples of our projects include:

St. Neophytos, Cyprus

El Zotz, Guatemala

Hydroxyapatite (HAP)

Imaging Modalities in Conservation Science

Stone Sculpture Southeast Asia

Geobioarchaeological Materials Research
Geobioarchaeological image4

The two Buddhist Towers at Preah Khan

Blue & White Chinese Porcelain

Egyptian blue & Chinese Blue

Cobalt Blue Ceramic Paint

Forensics in Ancient Art & Archaeology
forensics copy

Alchemy and Color in Greek and Roman Painting

Jaina-style Figurines

Jaina-spectral imaging

Glass Production in the Mexican Colonial Period

Roman Glass