Geobioarchaeological Materials Research

Application of non-destructive techniques and Synchrotron Radiation for the study of pre-Columbian mummies in Chile 

Research Papers:

Prikhodko S.V., Fischer C., Boytner R., Lozada M. C., Uribe M., Kakoulli I., ‘Beyond death: forensic investigations of pre-Columbian mummies from the Tarapacá valley, Chile, using variable pressure SEM and Raman spectroscopy’ Microscopy Today 15, N6 (2007) 6-10.

Kakoulli I., Prikhodko S., Fischer C., Bechtel H., Fakra S., Marcus M.,Micromorphology and Microchemical Analysis of Ancient Human Skin and Hair’. IMC17, International Microscopy Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19 – 24 September 2010. Rio de Janeiro, (2010)

Kakoulli, I., S.V. Prikhodko, C. Fischer, M. Cilluffo, H. Bechtel, S. Fakra, and M. Marcus, ‘Mapping and chemical speciation of arsenic in ancient human hair using synchrotron radiation’.Forthcoming.

Invited Lectures and Conference Presentations:

Kakoulli I. Nanoelectronic Devices for Defense & Security (NanoDDS) Conference, August 29 to September 1 2011. Invited Session Organizer: Forensic Science and Nanotechnology. Invited Keynote: Application of Synchrotron Radiation in Paleotoxicology and Forensic Archaeology.

Kakoulli I., Prikhodko S., Fischer C., Bechtel H., Fakra S., Marcus M., ‘Archaeological Human Hair and Skin as Biomarkers for Site Specific and Inter-Site Investigations’. The Southern California Society for Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting, Temecula, CA, 16 April 2011.

Kakoulli I., Prikhodko S., Fischer C., Cilluffo M., Bechtel H., Fakra S., Marcus M., ‘CSI archaeology: ‘the Andean mummy case’. An omnidisciplinary approach intergrading field, laboratory and synchrotron radiation methods’. In session: From the Field to the Synchrotron Ring: Discovering Ancient Worlds through Modern Technologies (Sponsored by the Society for Archaeological Science SAS).Society for American Archaeology, Sacramento 30 March – 3 April 2011. 

Kakoulli I. Biological Anthropology Society of UCLA, 13 May 2011. Invited Lecture: Beyond the visible: the study of bioarchaeological remains using electron and x-ray science.

Kakoulli I. Physics Department, Occidental College, 2009 Physics Seminar Series, 18 March 2009. Invited Lecture: Archaeological Physical Chemistry: Optical Biopsies and Histological Studies of Pre-Columbian Mummies from Northern Chile.

Kakoulli I. Universidad de Tarapaca, Chile, July 2008. Invited Lecture: Applications of VPSEM-EDS in Bioarchaeology.

Multiscale-and multianalytical approaches for the study of 6000 years also human brain from Armenia


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